Me (grrr!)

Hello World!

Hey! I meant to post this a couple of days ago, on my twelfth LJ anniversary, sadly I forgot. I totally remember that first post, bored near the end of my shift in the AOL NOC on April Fool's Day. Anyway, hi Livejournal! Today I bought a wifi-enabled printer, I'm super big-time now! Hope you're well! K, don't die. ;D

8-Bit Dreams

I swear to Glorificus I just had this dream. Had to share... especially since I don't usually have (or recall having) dreams so detailed...

So I'm sitting around doing who-remembers-what with a few other people talking about whatever when one of them surreptitiously slips me a big glossy photo. At that point I remember that he's a P.I. that's been investigating me for some reason not related to what he witnessed in the photo. He wants me to pay him off or he'll give the photos to the police...

I'm sitting in the backseat of a car, leaning forward to talk to the people in the front. We're all smiles and laughs. We're all covered in red and blue liquid, so is the car's interior, big lines of red and blue are dripping down car doors and seats. At that point I remember that we'd been in some sort of confrontation that ended in some guy getting killed (apparently in the car?) - and there's me, center of the photo, covered in this dead guy's blood and... mana. Yep. I blame the video games.
Taxi Driver

Food quest

This just happened, it is not an exaggeration.

Me: Can I have a grilled cheese sandwich?
Clerk: Yes.
Me: No bacon. (thinking back to last time)
Clerk: OK.
Clerk: No bacon?
Me: Correct, no bacon. No meat, just a grilled cheese sandwich.
Clerk: A ham and cheese sandwich?
Me: No. No meat. Just a plain, grilled cheese sandwich.
Clerk: OK
Clerk: A cheeseburger?
Me: No. No meat. Just cheese. Cheese on toast. Just cheese... on toast.
Clerk: Finds a menu to look through in confusion.
Me: There it is. Right there. Grilled cheese sandwich.
Clerk: OK. (Yells back to chef) Cheese and toast!
Me: *sigh*
Me (grrr!)

'Sup LJ?

OK, it's true, I haven't been here much lately baby. It's not that I don't love you, I do. I've just been extremely busy, and, I'll say it, twitter is just so fucking fast and easy, she never asks me to spend the night, hell I can handle my shit with her on my phone.

I'll never have the same connection to her as I do to you, but you know how it is. I'll be around, I promise. Maybe if you shaved your legs once in a while...

Apocalypse Engine

Hey peeps! Some friends and I have made something for you, we're keeping it over at Yeah, we named it, "Apocalypse Engine" 'cuz we're cool. We're podcasting an RPG, one episode a week. Theoretically it should be funny and intriguing. You can also find us on iTunes under podcasts as "Apocalypse Engine"

Yeah I know this is a vaguely annoying LJ post, but you love me so deal with it! :D You should totally go subscribe to us on iTunes, and then rate us once you're convinced of our gaming super powers. ♥